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Don’t Ask.

Another day, another day… they slip away so quickly. 

Denis Vaughan is a orchestral conductor and according to Wiki is around 85 years old.  Still apparently active;  In 1996 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and agreed to watchful waiting. 

His PSA reading went up and hit 18.5, from 13, it isn’t clear how often he had the tests, six months or annually, so it is difficult to get a sense of the aggressiveness of the cancer at that point.

Radiotherapy and hormone treatment was required by the specialist but Denis elected to try a treatment suggested by his London GP, Vitamin C (Ascorbate) IV (Intravenous). 

Now I have already elected (to myself) this as one of my backups if my own oral high doses of Vit C do not work. I am taking 15 grams of Vit C per day and have been doing so for almost a month. I take each three tablet dose with a 250 mg tablet of alpha lipoic acid. 

I still take my honey and Bicarb each day, plus some almond kernals when I remember !

Now onto my latest test.  It turned out to be 2.2 

I couldn’t figure how the previous test had gone down by almost 50% and I guess this latest test shows that it had not done so.

I am going to put it down either to a lab error or a incorrect written/typing error down the line.  Perhaps it should have been 2.1 rather than 1.1.

Whatever. I figure it will be too late to chase up so will lay it aside as a foul up.  And go forward on the 1.9 and 2.2

Back to Denis Vaughan.  He had weekly IV using 75 grams of Vit C which at that time cost £100 per treatment.  After seven weeks of treatment his PSA reading dropped down to 13 and he went back on watchful waiting.

I find it sad that journalists go to medics and prostate cancer spokespersons ( for Cancer Charities) to ask for quotations/advice. Seemingly not having researched Vit C themselves they accept what these ‘experts’ say when in all probability these experts have not read any research about ascorbate.  In consequence we find quotations like this:-

“there is no evidence that intravenous Vit C is effective”

“Its use could actually reduce the benefits of radiotherapy and chemotherapy”

Yet apparently hundreds of patients have been treated in the UK by this method with no apparent side effects.

Compare those statements with Dr Julian Kenyon who has treated over 100 patients over the past ten years who says:-

“U.S. studies show that when you infuse amounts as high as 4 grams per kilo of weight, around 75 grams for an average adult the Vit C causes a build up of hydrogen peroxide, which destroys the tumour.”

The good old hydrogen peroxide; again and again this seems to be the cancer killer.

More medical thoughts on the PSA test

This is from the Journal of Clinical Oncology

A new study featured in the above Journal explains that medicine has got it all wrong when it comes to testing for prostate cancer.


“Elderly men – who get no benefit from the tests – are being screened every year, while those in their 50s are often not being tested at all.

Around half of all men aged 70 and older are having a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test every year, which is around double the rate of those in their fifties who are having regular tests.  Even men aged 85 and older were being screened as often as men in their fifties, say researchers from the University of Chicago.

But it’s all a pointless exercise.  Men who develop prostate cancer in their 70s will die with the disease, and not from it.  Worse, a positive test could trigger aggressive treatment that is unnecessary and damaging, say the researchers.”

There is testing and screening.  Whilst I would agree with the above in relation to screening I would not in regard to testing.  I am having testing to see if my cancer is increasing its hold on my body.  As too maybe are many of the older men as described above.

It states that men who develop cancer in their 70’s will die with the disease and not from it.  That of course depends upon your overall life expectancy. 

The ‘aggressive treatment’ is a comment on the type of treatments available  and recommendations made by our medics. Some of the dictionary definitions of ‘aggressive’ are out of place in the caring, curing, medical context. I.e. hostile, making assaults, and so on.

However I have heard the terms of ‘slash and burn’ associated with surgery and radiotherapy respectively and that certainly sounds aggressive to me !

The degree of acceptance by the majority of cancer patients of this ‘aggressive treatment’ I feel is a reflection on the lack of education and overall knowledge of men in regard to the treatments available overall in the UK, both conventional and so called alternative.  These I have directed readers to in posts earlier in the year.  (Philip Dunn)


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