AUGUST  2011

Stable ?
Well I guess the answer is Maybe.

I have had to stop the Vit C sachets for the past two weeks.  
One of the ‘side effects’ of increased Vit C is a liability to promote arthritis.  
And it appears to have done that to my fingers.

This break in what I considered my major treatment is a set back 
and will I assume mean an increase in my
PSA next time.  
The last was 2.6. 


When I receive feedback from other PC patients I wonder what my problem is and why I should be concerned at this stage.  I recall Peter and others with readings over one thousand, and then the other week I spoke to a guy with a reading around 20.

Mine is under three.

Yet I would still like to keep it down, to stablise it around some low point.  If only to prove to myself that the treatment I have elected is actually working.

Because for anyone reading this (and the number is pityfully small), I must remind you that I have not been advised or councelled to use any of the alternates which I outlined last month.  Indeed I cannot in all truth prevale upon you to do the same.  For even if they work for me I have no way of knowing if they would for you.

Depressed Medics

At one point I wondered why I would/should expect a medic to outline a treatment for my PC. Why should I, why should anyone expect any medic to prescribe drugs, hormones, or radical surgery. After all, with all due respect to the profession, I know that they do not know with total certainty, that any of these will cure or whilst they may feel it would  prolong my life the treatments may destroy some of the enjoyments of that prolonged life or add an unacceptable disablement.

If they give thought to this for any length of time many must dread the weekly appointments when they have to pronounce on a treatment for a cancer patient across the desk from them.  For they know they will see the deterioration of the patient over the months that follow.

How much better for each patient to arm themselves with knowledge so that they can determine the treatment that they feel is best for them. Choosing a medical profession should not lumber a person with compounding guilt as the years pass.  

Without that self knowledge you may visit your doctor.  He would outline several treatment options but “be forced” into recommending one because of your inability to make a choice.

Is it these type of decisions which cause twice as many doctors to kill themselves compared with people working in other professions ?  

So having the ability to make your own decision could ease your medics stress !   Philip PHA.


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