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Some Genuine Medical Support !!

I Think.


I like the words Gleason score of 6 or less, because that’s me ! -  see below.  I must admit I am not sure about all the other criteria. I didn’t have a biopsy so there is no way of establishing that one anyway.

Regardless this article, which is soon to be published, outlines very nicely what I trust I am doing. (With no help from conventional medicine of course). I just hope the road I have chosen works out as well for me as it appears to have done for those described below.

   “Active surveillance with curative intent appears to be a safe alternative to immediate intervention with surgery or radiation for men with low-risk prostate cancer (PCa), according to researchers.

The study, published online ahead of print in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, is believed to be the largest and longest study of its kind.  A total of 769 PCa patients were followed prospectively on active surveillance. The median follow-up was 2.7 years (range 0.01 -15.0 years). To be included in the study, men had to have very low-risk cancers, defined by clinical stage (T1c), PSA density less than 0.15 ng/mL, and prostate biopsy findings (Gleason score of 6 or less, two or fewer cores with cancer, and 50% or less cancer involvement in any core).

None of the men, who were mostly aged 65 years and older, have so far died from PCa since the study began in 1995. However, 255 men (33.2%) eventually underwent treatment at a median 2.2 years after diagnosis; of these, 188 (73.7%) underwent intervention because of disease reclassification on biopsy.

“The study offers the most conclusive evidence to date that active surveillance may be the preferred option for the vast majority of older men diagnosed with a very low grade or small volume form of prostate cancer,” said senior investigator H. Ballentine Carter, MD, Professor of Urology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. 

The primary outcome was survival free of intervention; secondary outcomes were rates of disease reclassification and exit from the study. Men who strictly met all study criteria for very low-risk disease were 30% less likely to be reclassified to a high-risk category during surveillance and less likely to need subsequent surgery or radiation than men who did not meet one or more study criteria.”



Roger Mason on the PSA Test.

I have in the past reproduced articles by Roger.

Here is one of his latest which echo’s some of my own comments over the years.


The PSA, or prostate specific antigen, test does not work, never did work, and never will work.

Now new variations of the PSA test are promised to work. They are just as useless. For ten years now I have been telling men not to get a PSA test as they are worthless. Now the very inventor of the PSA test, Dr. Richard Ablin, has finally come out and said the same thing. That's right, the inventor of this test said is should be discontinued. He called it, "a hugely expensive public health disaster."

He further said it was, "hardly more effective than a coin toss."

There are many published clinical articles in the international medical literature that verify it is very misleading, and can even cause more harm than good. Men with low PSA can still have cancer (like General Schwarzkopf), and men will high readings be completely healthy. It is very easy to falsely raise or lower the PSA.  

It is time for doctors around the world to completely discontinue this test. The test was approved by the FDA after detecting less than 4% of cancer in patients. That's right, less than 4%.

Dr. Gilbert Welch, at Dartmouth University, pointed out that for every man "saved" from prostate cancer with this spurious test, fifty men have to be treated unnecessarily with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Even the American Cancer Society had to admit what a medical boondoogle this is. They studied 76,000 men over a 10 year period, and found that annual PSA exams made no difference at all in cancer deaths. That's seventy-six thousand men over an entire decade with no lives saved.

Even the famous New England Journal of Medicine admitted what a failure it is. They found that for every man successfully diagnosed with cancer with a high PSA reading, twenty healthy men were suspected of cancer that simply did not have it. Many of them got treatments they did not need, especially harmful biopsies.

This is about money, this is about profit. Over three billion dollars a year are totally wasted on this test. The unneeded treatments due to high PSA readings add greatly to this expense.


What can you do instead? Get an inexpensive, safe, effective, and accurate sonogram. Keep the black and white photo, and take it home with you. This actually tells you the volume of your prostate.


Never, ever get a biopsy for any reason. If you want further diagnostics you can get a more expensive MRI or color Doppler. The "revised" PSA tests like the PHI (prostate health index) are just as useless. Just another way to soak the public for expensive medical tests with no value. It's all about the money folks.


Dr. Ablin said, "I never dreamed that my discovery four decades ago would lead to such a profit-driven public health disaster." Please notice he used the term "profit-driven." He further went on to say, "The medical community must confront reality and stop the inappropriate use of PSA testing." He said this would save billions of dollars and, "rescue millions of men from unnecessary, debilitating treatments."


This is the same "early detection is your best protection" hoax the breast cancer crooks use, like the Susan Konwomen crowd (read the article Susan G. Konwomen Race for the Money).


The truth is PREVENTION IS YOUR BEST PROTECTION. Early detection is next to useless. An ounce of prevention here is worth ten pounds of cure. Breast and prostate cancers are mirror images in men and women. Both are caused by saturated animal fat intake more than any other factor. The inner cause is high estradiol and estrone (and low estriol levels in women).


Worthless mammograms for women cause more problems than they purport to cure.


Prevent breast, prostate, and other cancers by making better food choices. Stop eating meat, poultry, eggs, and especially dairy products. Saturated animal fat is the basic cause of breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Americans swill down 42% animal fats in their diet. Diet and lifestyle are your best protection. Get a safe, inexpensive effective sonogram.


For more of Rogers information see



Comment……‘As most of you know Roger Mason is talking about the USA.  But just because you don’t pay for the test out of your back pocket does not mean to say that they are worth the cost to the NHS.


Have a test by all means but be aware of the tread mill you are stepping upon.  Be aware also that each test brings a feeling of dread as you await the result.  If you are of a nervous disposition then consider your situation very carefully.


Which leads me onto my last result which was 2.8 that is up from the previous which was 2.2  Now whilst my GP labelled this as normal, the label ‘normal’ would go for any reading up to 7 or so, for as you are aware as we age the ‘normal’ reading increases. I am 76. In the meantime I continue with the Vit C and honey and Bicarb.’



RANT  !……….. If you give it a little thought a cancer is much like the Brussels bureaucrats, or should that be the Brussel bureaucrats are much like a cancer.  I guess it doesn’t matter which way it is phrased. 


The point is that the cancer increases slowly bit by bit taking over a little here and a little there until overtime it has complete control of its host.  So to does our government – the E.U. It took over our fishing industry, decimated our coal and steel industries and  controls totally our political parties.


I am sure you have figured out by now that however much one party says it is eurosceptic it always seems to buckle to its EU masters wishes. 


‘……No I will not concede to such a demand for more money….’  This is followed months later by  ’……well we tried but we were outvoted…’. 


With one vote in 27 it is hardly a surprise that the UK voice is in the minority and any vote against a Brussels policy is in vain.


As many of the other members receive more from the EU pail than they put in, it is also not surprising that they are not going to vote to have the contents of the pail reduced.


So the EU is gradually emasculating our country. What will be left of our armed forces will be amalgamated with the French and I assume the German forces.


I recall a couple of years ago suggesting to my RN interested grandson that he would do better to join the US or Australian navy.  I had no idea that things would move so quickly !


The Royal Navy I joined at 15 will be no more, each scrapped ship does nothing for my allegiance to any UK governing party for the defence of a country is supposed to be one of a governments prime duties.


About all that is currently left is finance.  Be sure that with its new controls following the financial crisis affecting the world over the past year or so, its tentacles will soon have secured control in one of our last EU free industries.


I am sure that all cancers have an available cure if it can only be found and used.  Perhaps there is a similar ‘cure’ for the E.U. 




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