Examples to Follow

Or ……..??

Now and again you will see an article in the papers with mentions of Ex General Schwarzkopf  being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993 and successfully treated, Dr Stuttaford who 11 years after being originally diagnosed is still apparently ‘going strong’. Not to mention Roger Moore the actor who played James Bond.

So much, even today, is not known if an initial diagnosis is accurate, i.e. is it a tiger or pussy cat cell which has been found? So in consequence will the ensuing cancer race ahead and cause an early death, or not cause any problems at all during the course of the patients life at all ?

I find the problem with these well known names being paraded as if they are ‘cured’ (with no problems), is that we know very little if anything at all about the current life styles. Or for that matter if they are taking additional treatments options. 

First of all, did they maybe not have an aggressive cancer at all and therefore would never have need any treatment at all ?

Second, following the surgery of a radical prostatectomy, ( I am assuming this was the treatment) nothing seems to be advised in print in regard to their current health.  Are they incontinent ? or impotent ? or has the cancer metastasized which has meant further treatment with hormones for instance ?

The parade of such names without follow up means many men will take their ‘successful treatment’ as confirmation that they would also have  similar success.

I find the silence ominous, probably an over powerful word, but it will do for now.  

Current deployment of resources !

My last PSA was 2.8 -  up a little from last time.  Was this the withdrawal of the Vitamin C ?

I gave my body a long two week rest off all treatment this month and resumed with the OxCgen and bicarb/honey only a week ago.  I am curious to see what result I get next time.  I maintain the apricot kernels taking approx ten per day, usually sprinkled on my marmalade toast and/or on soup.

If you have read the Vit C Real Story you will realise that the stated treatment is Vit C IV and not an oral input.  The IV was always my long stop solution, but I hoped that the higher amounts which could be achieved with the sachets would keep the beast at bay.  We will see.

This is probably not the best explanation but you know if you saw off a branch close to the trunk of a tree, when you go back to it after six months or a year then the tree has grown a ring of bark as it attempt to cover over the cut area. 

Well something very similar intervened in my life style.   I found that my urine flow was getting poorer and quite quickly.  It transpires that it was growth from the surgery around my bladder neck in December 2010.  This was obstructing the flow from the bladder.   

I had contacted Alan Eaton and arranged a cystoscopy for the following Friday, hence the knowledge above. The same day I paid a visit to my local clinic and obtain some catheters and Flomax.  I was hoping that the latter would preclude use of the former !!

Flomax relaxes the muscles in the bladder neck and allows a better urine flow.

One plus point was that the cystoscopy revealed no growth which could be attributed to cancer, so that proved to be a pleasing side effect of the ‘looksee’. 

The recommendation was to carry on with the Flomax which thankfully was keeping the bladder neck relaxed and allowing a modicum of flow.

I see that visits have gone down to 100.  I guess that visitors find the content boring or at least uninteresting.  I was wondering if it was worth the effort of putting anything up this month, hence the long delay.... I feel that my time would be better spent chaining a tree for firewood for the coming winter.




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