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We have sourced quality products for all those who suffer from prostate disease.


Natural plant sterols.  Beta sitosterol is the active ingredient in saw palmetto. The medical publication 'The Lancet' published the following:-

“A randomised, placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial of beta-sitosterol in patients with BPH, found that

beta-sitosterol showed significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow parameter in the treatment of BPH”.


A powerful anti-inflammatory.  It contains 250 mg. of Quercetin, plus Bromelain extract to ensure that the quercetin is fully activated.  Three tablets per day until symptoms subside then drop to two or one as a maintenance dose.


Clinical trials on this rye pollen extract emphasise that it takes three months for a successful outcome.  I does not therefore seem sensible to sell only a one month pack.  We have discounted the three month course as much as we are able for fellow sufferers.


A selection of herbal products, including saw palmetto and nettle.





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