Beta-sitosterol. Each capsule contain 300mg of phytosterols, 140 mgs of those being beta sitosterol.  Beta-sitosterol appears to be the active ingredient in most of the treatments used for prostate health. Extracted and sold under different labels it is many hundreds of times stronger than the basic saw palmetto base contained in most listed products.

We have over the years conducted trials with our PHA members. These are not clinically sound i.e. no placebo, not randomised etc. However, we have from the results some basic indications which would allow you to start with capsules which we feel have a better chance of making some impact on your BPH problem.

Beta sitosterol appeared to have a greater positive effect on a larger number of members when we tested it in 2000.

The medical publication ‘Lancet’ published the following trial result as far back as 1995 :-


“A randomised, placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial of beta-sitosterol in patients with BPH, found that beta-sitosterol showed significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow parameter in the treatment of BPH”.

These capsules and tablets have been produced exclusively for the Prostate Help Association by

Lifeplan Products Ltd. an ISO 9000 company. 

Lifeplan are accredited by the MHRA( Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency ),

so all their products are produced to medical standards. 

Each step of the manufacture from selection of the product to its final encapsulation is monitored and checked for purity and quality.



Each tub contains 90 capsules. The recommended dose is one capsule three times per day, one hour before or after meals*.

This plant extract is not recommended for anyone who has had an organ or bone marrow transplant, as it can reverse an immune suppressor.

Diabetics may need to monitor blood insulin levels under medical supervision as this plant extract can reduce insulin requirements.

Before you use any product or treatment your first move should be a visit to your GP/MD to have an accurate diagnosis of your problem. Otherwise at best you could be wasting your money, at worst you could be doing yourself harm by neglecting a potentionally serious problem.

You are probably also aware that beta sitosterol is used in many products as a cholesterol suppressent.  You will find it in a variety of spreads for instance. So if you are one of the many who cannot take statins due to the range of side effects then try beta.  But don't expect to just take one per day.  You will need to take one with each meal at least. 

*What the beta does is suppress the effects of the cholesterol you eat during the meal.  Unlike a statin which actually stops the production of cholesterol by the body itself.




Inclusion of links is NOT an endorsement by the Prostate Help Association, nor do we guarantee any information you will find, other than our own.
We would remind everyone that they should discuss with their medical team all aspects of their condition
and then come to a decision in regard to the best treatment for their condition.

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