Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.


The prostate gland normally begins to increase in size, enough to be noticed, as a man moves into his 50's. This enlargement will squeeze the urethra, the space through which the urine flows and consequentially slow down the stream. This can, over time, cause a build up of urine in the bladder, this in turn could eventually cause a back up into the kidneys and subsequent kidney damage or failure, there is also a real danger of weakening the bladder muscle so that it eventually it is unable expel urine at all.

Well before this a man would notice not only the weakening stream, but also more frequent visits to the bathroom, day and night. Another sure sign is urgency.

What you need to do if these symptoms occur is visit your Medic. There are prescription drugs which can help, and over the counter products which men claim have had successfully treated the problem. The key is early diagnosis and then decide on a treatment which you feel will be the best way for you.

Two points.... BPH is not the first sign of prostate cancer and BPH does not have to mean a hot wire TURP operation, new day surgical treatments, as well as drugs, are now available.

 The PHA gather together all the information it can on BPH and publish this information in Prostate Focus. An easy method of ensuring that you and yours are fully informed about the latest BPH treatments.


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