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Bacteria, the Hidden Enemy.


Is this a breakthrough that our front line pharmaceutical companies will take up? 

Or will they ignore it ?


Stress and lifestyle were considered the major causes of peptic ulcers during the majority of the last century.  It was not until the last two decades that this view changed.  In 1982, Marshall and Warren, discovered a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, it is this bacterium which has now become accepted as the cause.                                                


It is now firmly established that Helicobacter pylori causes more than 90% of duodenal ulcers and up to 80% of gastric ulcers. The link between Helicobacter pylori infection and subsequent gastritis, as well as peptic ulcer disease, has become an established fact.

Alan Cantwell MD had a recent article in Nexus in which he stated “recent research studies suggest that prostate cancer, as with other forms of cancer, is caused by a rampant bacterial infection”




"Why are you crying Kathy ?"


Tearful sister.  "Cos our mother has given me helicobactor pylori  and a cancer bacteria I don't know the name of." 

Linking the work of Marshall and Warren and Alan Cantwell  we also have Virginia Livingston. In spite of a lifetime disbelief by the majority of the medical profession Virginia Livingston MD. was a vocal proponent of bacteria as a cause of cancer.  Back as far as 1950 Virginia and her colleagues published work to this effect. Her belief was that the cancer bacterium was present in all human beings and was kept in check by the immune system. 

In similar vein I note this statement in regard to Helicobacter. “Even though no definite answers are at hand, recent data clearly suggest that a dysfunction in the recognition of microbial (bacteria) products by the human immune system can result in disease development.”

So we have cancer causing bacteria in the population living in harmony with man until his immune system goes on the blink and likewise we have Helicobacter where the infection is typically contracted in early childhood, frequently by transmission from mother to child, and the bacteria may remain in the stomach for the rest of the person's life with the same immune system misfunction causing unlcers.

Is it really possible for the pharmaceutical companies, those vast organisations like oil tankers on the seas, to alter course.  We know that for a tanker to change course takes many miles of ocean.  I fear that we may not live to see the pharmas even issue the orders to alter course. After all when Virginia Livingston died in 1990 she was widely regarded as a quack, particularly by the American Cancer Society who claimed her cancer bacteria did not exist. They stated “there is no scientific evidence to confirm Livingstons theories of cancer causation.”

As the article in Nexus states ‘Research’ means to search again.  It appears that far too much money is being spent on attempting to combat the latter stages of prostate cancer than in attempting to find a way to prevent it in the first place.  Countless studies for decades have shown that eating fresh foods can prevent the majority of cancers, yet what educational efforts are being made to instruct young mothers into this simple fact rather than standing back whilst they spend their money on fast food for their children.  Maybe a start would be in teaching them to cook !

If you want more information on this with even a lecture by Dr Cantwell on You Tube search on  Google for Cantwell AR. 




Studies and trials over the years have found positive use and success with beta.



Most of the advice below is gleaned from such studies published in medical journals around the world.


For cancer (and in our case that means prostate cancer), beta’s phytosterols have been shown to inhibit cell proliferation by some 30%. It has also been shown to increase t-cell proliferation by some 58%, t-cells once activated divide rapidly and secrete small proteins called cytokines that regulate or assist  immune response.  For instance Cytotoxic T cells which destroy virally infected cells and tumor cells.


But aside from cancer, beta has been shown to alleviate many allergy symptoms in a day or two. The phytosterols in beta can balance an over performing immune system and alleviate symptoms of stiffness, pain and inflammation.  Phytosterols halt the release of Interleukin 4 (IL-4) so histamine is not released and hence allergy symptoms are controlled.


Trials in The Lancet years ago showed beta’s help with an enlarged prostate in promoting the flow of urine, so it is no surprise that newer trials also back up these findings. Urologists in Germany have been using phytosterols for decades in the treatment of enlarged prostate conditions. Would that our medics could show a healthy interest rather than dole expensive drug prescriptions.


Beta’s use in spreads and yogurt products to reduce cholesterol are well documented and whilst we should obtain a useful amount of such plant sterols from our diet this does not seem to be the case.    Consumption of phytosterols 30 minutes prior to a meal helps block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol.




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