As you will be aware I have been absent from these updates for some months.

To be honest I was a little cheesed off.  Whereas the paper newsletter we used to produce had a readership of several thousand, it appears this web letter readership has dropped to a very few hundred.  

In fact at one point I noticed even after a couple of months it had not even reached two hundred

So I lost interest…… But here we go again. 

Much depends on your readership and my consistancy. Which may lag my initial good intentions!

Here comes the
Bogey man………..!

  Some of the words and possibly the title of a song I recall from childhood which means it comes from the backend of the 1930’s or early 1940’s.

I was always careful to avoid him, the bogey man.  And wrapped myself up well at night leaving only a small air hole to breathe through when I retired for the night.  As a child I mean, of course, in case you thought otherwise !

However, either I have become careless or he has grown more skillful for I have been grabbed.

My medic rang me the other day and told me I have prostate cancer.

I began the PHA back in 1993 the first national prostate help group for men with prostate problems.  Prior to that date no organisation was in a position or had the knowledge to help with basic simple language advice on BPH, (benign prostate hyperplasia (growth)), prostate cancer, or very importantly prostatitis.  The latter totally ignored then and not much better now, for no medical cure, or treatment, is currently available nor, it seems,is it being investigated by the wonderful world of pharma.

A couple of help groups began a little after the PHA got underway but they persued the dream of prostate cancer cures, not one on the face of it, which seems to be any closer than back in the early 1990’s.  For the worlds surgeons were and are still are, often happy to perform radical prostatectomies, (complete prostate removals), with its attendant side effects, prior to knowing, with certainty, that the patient had an aggressive cancer. The flip side being that the patient had a pussy cat tumour and would never have died from his condition nor suffered from its effects during his lifetime.

So the PHA sent the results of my research to thousands of men in its Newsletters and I gained knowledge not only about the drugs to contain BPH but also the alternatives available such as beta sitosterol and Quercetin for prostatitis.

As my BPH grew my interest turned to surgical methods of treating it.  I found a treatment called Thermex and went to London to see if it was effective.  It heated the prostate tissue from a catheter type device.  It failed to help me.

Direx was a similar device which meant another trip to London without any success.  My last trip was for a device with two needles which deployed once the device was positioned in the prostate and ablated, (destroyed), tissue.  I had hopes that this would work on the section of the prostate which seems to push up into the bladder and which appears to be the chief cause of the urethral closure and subsequent lowered urine flow.

Regrettably this too failed.

The above treatments were all day treatments as opposed to the normal prostate bph treatment the TURP (trans urethral resection of the prostate) which means a period of several days hospitalisation.

Then the Gyrus hove into view. (sorry blame the ‘hove’ on my ten years in the R.N.).  This was an ablation technique rather than the TURP which was a cutting one (slicing pieces of tissue off with a heated wire). What was even better was that I found one sugeon who had taken it to the extreme and was doing day treatments. Eureka

Well it was eureka after I read about his first set of trials.

So my association with Alan Eaton the pioneer of Gyrus day treatment, now incidently renamed vapourisation, began in a Kings Lynn hospital.

The articles in the Newsletters evoke much interest especially after my detailed write ups following my successful treatment some ten years ago now.  But of course all good things must come to an end……. I understand !  At any rate my prostate needed a re-treatment and I found myself back in Kings Lynn for a second vapourisation.  All went well and I looked forward to a full recovery.

A week into that and Alan phoned to advise that samples taken during the treatment showed prostate cancer was present with a Gleason score of 6  3+3  not as good nor as bad as it could be !

So here we go……  What to do.  Alan Eaton went through the usual medical treatments,  radiation, removal, hormone etc……..  Must admit they don’t appeal !

So what ?  Come back for the next thrilling chapter !!

Regards  and all the best for 2011


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