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Forget about Carbon Credits and

Global Warming.

Let us concentrate on Oxygen.


The road seems to have improved.  Whilst the period from the diagnosis of PC in December through to the begining of May seemed all uphill, now I see a downward trend.  Easy walking !

The reason was that my last PSA was 2.3.  down from last months 2.9.  Unless one of the results was an error then something I have been taking has dropped the reading by around 25%.

Was it the bicarb and honey ? Or maybe the Vit C. ? Or could it be ingredient X !?

Ingredient X

I read an article somewhere that the amount of oxygen in the air has been depleating for hundreds of years.  This meant, was the conclusion, that we, human kind, do not take in as much oxygen as our body needs.

Add to that the fact that most people do not breathe correctly, live in towns with a bad atmosphere, consume foods and chemicals which the body would find hard to get rid of even at maximum oxygen availability.

This all leads to our whole system easily being poisoned as it is unable to work at optimum efficiency.

My understanding is that oxygen is great for the body but bad bad bad for anything which is detrimental to the body.  Viruses, bacteria, pathogens -in fact all diseases hate oxygen.  What is of great interest to me is that cancer hates oxygen. 

In fact cancer cells confronted by oxygen give up the ghost and depart.

All cells, it appears, use oxygen to provide energy, if oxygen is in short supply then the cell will look around for a replacment form of energy.  That replacement is sugar, followed by fermentation voila, energy. But the cell by changing its energy supply has changed and is now a cancer cell.

Is this a new theory or discovery?  After all billions of pounds are collected every year around the globe by men and women running and taking part in unlikely tasks to raise money for cancer charities, all in the name of research into find the cause of cancer.

Dr Otto Warburg must be ‘feeling’ pretty miffed as he sees all this money being thrown into the research pot of modern cancer research.  The thing is Dr Warburg twice Nobel Laureate was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer.  Yes really, he found the cause. 

He said back in 1966 that   “ ….there is only one prime cause of cancer and that is the replacement of respiration of oxygen in normal cells, by a fermentation of sugar.”

As you may know there are laws in this country, in fact many countries, which forbid anyone from claiming that treatment X will cure cancer.  So if I say- that IF you can increase the amount of oxygn getting into your body - you must understand that this is - to alleviate any discomfort you may have from a cancer and not in anyway an intimation that such an action will cure.

So what I discovered was a way to increase the supply of oxygen into my body……. Why, because I want to cur….. Ooooops sorry - of course I mean alliviate any distress my body may have due to my prostate cancer.

Obviously you can breath in oxygen from a compressed bottle of the stuff. If memory serves me right atheletes have used this method to increase oxygen in their blood stream to enable them to perform greater feats of endurance.

Much to my surprise I found that you could buy capsules to do the same thing. A maintenace dose is supposed to be three per day.  Max indicated at twelve.  I built up from three and for the last few days before my last PSA test took twelve per day.  Was that the reason for a drop in my PSA level ?

Taking any number over six certainly clears the system out and you need to be close to the bathroom, as good as a colon cleanse !  I have now dropped to five per day and it will be interesting to see what the result of the next test will be.

The capsules are called "OxCgen" and are available here in the UK.

Looking on the downside of my self medication there is always the chance that what I am taking is having the same effect on my PSA result as Avodart, ( used to reduce the size of of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).  If you are taking Avodart and you have a PSA test you need to double the result as the drug will reduce the result by 50%.  Now there is a possibility to keep me awake at nights !! 

Can a biopsy kill you ?

Apparently yes, it can.


But how many medics tell their patients this when they recommend the procedure ?  It seems that there is a great deal more that our medics can reveal to their patients to allow them to make a correct decision, for themselves.

Ok so the deaths may be a small percentage but they also omit to say anything about significant infections.

An AUA annual meeting in Washington highlighted the problems associated with a prostate biopsy.

Anthony J Schaeffer MD claims that evidence shows that prostate biopsies have significant infectious complications rates, leading to death.

But I guess if you are entering the rectum and pushing a needle through the rectum wall into the prostate there is a possibility that you will carry some rectal debris through the opening. What can you do ?  I guess the answer is relax and think of England !


Cancer screenings are now spreading deadly superbugs, say reports.

 (NaturalNews) A new study published in the Journal of Urology warns about a newly-recognized danger associated with cancer screenings ( Not exactly new I recall some ten or fifteen years ago warning of needle tracking. Ed) -- the spread of deadly "superbugs." According to the report, biopsies and other invasive cancer screening procedures are a direct cause of serious infections, many of which eventually lead to death.

Dozens of studies conducted in recent years have confirmed that not only are many conventional cancer screening methods ineffective or inaccurate, but they also cause more harm than good, in many cases. The number of infections alone that have been caused by prostate biopsies have more than doubled in the last ten years. And roughly 50,000 American men develop infections from prostate biopsies every single year, while nine out of every 10,000 men whose scans return negative end up dying from complications caused by the proceedure.

Even worse, a 2004 study put forth by the John Wayne Cancer Institute in
California revealed that needle biopsies, which are the most common screening method used to detect prostate cancer, actually increases the chance that cancer will spread by about 50 percent.

Back in April, NaturalNews reported on the results of a 20-year study which revealed that cancer screenings are basically useless as an effective medical intervention. Published in the British Medical Journal, the study found no difference in the overall death rate from cancer between men who were screened for prostate cancer, and men who were not screened (

It is also now widely known that both colon and breast cancer screenings are harmful as well. A US Preventive Services Task Force found that colon cancer screenings put patients' lives at risk, particularly older individuals who are more prone to complications brought about when their colons are accidentally punctured during the probe. And mammograms have been shown to not only falsely identify benign tumors as harmful, but also increase women's risk of breast and other cancers by blasting them with high levels of cancer-inducing radiation (

So why does the medical establishment continue to push cancer screenings when they do not even work, and actually cause cancer? Well, breast cancer screenings alone rake in roughly $4 billion a year for the cancer industry. Add to that the costs associated with follow-up surgeries and other interventions taken as a result of false alarm detections, and overall screening revenues top $70 billion over the course of a decade. In other words, cancer screenings are big money for the cancer industry, regardless of whether or not they provide any real benefit to patients.

The best preventative measures a person can take to avoid cancer involve nutrition and lifestyle, not the poking and prodding of conventional screening procedures. So before you or a loved on rushes off to the doctor to get screened for cancer, why not take some time to learn about the vast array of anti-cancer nutrients and super foods that will help protect you from developing cancer, and also boost your overall health and well-being? 


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