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All well here - continue to take - lypo Vit C and Apricot kernels.


Do we really need all the research

into disease and the resultant drugs ?


It has recently emerged, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

The unique chemical composition of polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidant vitamins in peel, pulp and core is, says Dr Adam Briggs in the British Medical Journal, as effective as the cholesterol-lowering statins in preventing or delaying circulatory disorders – without their risk of side-effects.

Further, a huge study involving nearly 200,000 people has found that those eating at least three servings of apples a week are less likely to developE diabetes and asthma.

Meanwhile, Dr Marianne Eberhardt of Cornell University reports in Nature that fresh apple extracts “inhibit the growth of colon and liver cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner”.

Those seeking a simple health-promoting New Year’s resolution need look no further.


My thanks to Dr Fanu  Daily Telegraph 

Prostatitis a precursor of prostate cancer ?

Inflammation and cancer.


I have been subject to gastric problems for years and realised that acid reflux would cause inflammation.  To counter this I found a capsule which countered inflammation and have been taking several capsules per day to ensure that this did not become a seat of any cancerous activity.

This capsule, Quercetin, has also been used by US medics to allay the symptoms of prostatitis. As you will see, if you research, this product also appears to kill cancer cells.  So all round it seems an excellent product to have handy to assist the immune system to keep the body in top form.

Having said that much information you can access advises that inflammation is not a precurser of cancer.

Yet Carcinogenesis the Oxford Journal, published this article in 2009 :-

Cancer-related inflammation, the seventh hallmark of cancer: links to genetic instability.

See the link below to read the entire item.

“As early as in the 19th century it was perceived that cancer is linked to inflammation. This perception has waned for a long time. Recent years have seen a renaissance of the inflammation–cancer connection stemming from different lines of work and leading to a generally accepted paradigm

Epidemiological studies have revealed that chronic inflammation predisposes to different forms of cancer. Usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents is associated with protection against various tumors, a finding that to a large extent mirrors that of inflammation as a risk factor for certain cancers…..”

…..“The triggers of chronic inflammation that increase cancer risk or progression include infections (e.g. Helicobacter pylori for gastric cancer and mucosal lymphoma; papilloma virus and hepatitis viruses for cervical and liver carcinoma, respectively), autoimmune diseases (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease for colon cancer) and inflammatory conditions of uncertain origin (e.g. prostatitis for prostate cancer).”


So it would make sense to take any sign of prostatitis seriously and whilst anti biotics in many cases do not seem to counter the disease, there is nothing to stop you taking an anti inflammatory such as quercetin to counter the inflammation causing the pain.

(The quercetin I have taken for many years, is produced by a 

reputable pharmaceutical company

and has stood me in good stead. 

One great advantage that you have as a reader of this publication,  over the majority of the population, is that you know that lypospheric Vit C or Vit C IV seems to be able to tame the cancer, not only prostate but other types of cancer as well.

So have confidence, do your own research, come to realise that there are methods outside of conventional medical treatment which can help you.

If I can do it so can you…..   Philip



Why Should You Be Interested In Ascorbate (Vitamin C) ?


Probably because it is curing cancer.  Not a good enough reason ?

Maybe you have doubts about what I am saying ?

Well you will be pleased and I trust well satisfied, when I tell you that many medical people have been singing its praises for most of the last century. 

Not only that but they have been curing people, regularly over many decades.

Why doesn’t your GP tell you to use it, or give you an ascorbate IV, (intravenous) ……….. ?

Judging by an article in the Guardian and most other papers last month maybe he just does not feel confident of IV proceedures. A pity for it could save your life.

“Patients' lives are being put at risk by an "astonishing" lack of knowledge surrounding the correct administration of intravenous (IV) drips in hospitals in England and Wales, experts have warned.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has issued guidelines for medical practitioners on their use amid fears that tens of thousands of patients are suffering complications each year because most doctors do not know how to prescribe them properly.”


So just what does Ascorbate do ?


Here is a paragraph or two from Vitamin C, the Real Story. A book by Hickey and Saul both, incidently, PhD’s.


“The disparity between encouraging clinical reports on ascorbate and the (and subsequent) paltry follow-up research is enormous.?

Well documented clinical results indicate that massive amounts of ascorbate are an effective antibiotic against both viral and bacterial infections,


…….. and also a cure for heart disease. 

These claims are considered absurd by conventional medicine, a view that is totally without scientific support. 

By not funding essential experiments on the clinical role of orthomolecular levels of nutrients, the establishment continues to avoid scientific reality.”


Pretty straight forward that.  But if you want some solid no turning back, medically produced evidence check out this site.

This leads you to a book written by Dr Stone GP  As you will find he spent half a lifetime in the study of ascorbate, and has a great following amongst many other medical people across the world.

Dr Stone was an industrial chemist educated as a biochemist and chemical engineer.  He set up an early biochemistry lab for Wallerstein Co. in the USA.


He published over 100 scientific articles and filed 26 patents in all.


You can download his book from the URL above for free which embraces some 30 years of experience in the use of ascorbate acid.


Two Aussie scientists Kalokerinos and Dettman showed that infantile deaths caused by SIDS could be prevented by ascorbate. 


F R Klenner MD published a paper on ascorbate and the treatment of virus disease. He presented a paper to the AMA (American Medical Association) detailing the complete cure of sixty polio patients using 




If you research




  “Since the early 1970’s the highly funded “war on cancer” has been a resounding failure.  Claims for improvements USING conventional treatments have been over hyped.


Millions of ££ in donations have been spent on administration and specialised research even though scientists had ALREADY discovered a non-poisonous form of chemotherapy.  This was and still is, totally ignored by the mainstream, profit driven, medical establishments efforts to combat cancer. 


This small, though more successful, (IN TREATMENT TERMS) campaign began with the isolation and identification of Vitamin C, way back in 1932.

Two years later Dr Stone began his own investigation into its properties.

Cancer treatment is highly regulated but, when only the pharmaceutical industry can afford to comply, this regulation can act against the interest of patients.”


(Taken from The Cancer Breakthrough by Dr’s Hickey and Roberts.)






You may have noticed an item in Mid December newspapers saying that researchers have shown that if you offer a daily statin to 17 million more adults it would reduce the annual vascular death by almost 10,000.


The down side is that such prescribing would also produce an extra 10,000 cases of diabetes.


They also say that a daily apple would avert 8,000 vascular deaths. 


Regrettable they do not say what it is in the apple that produces this magic treatment ! 

Could it be quercetin ?



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