The Diagnosis and Beginning
January 2011

Here comes the
Bogey man………..!

  Some of the words and possibly the title of a song I recall from childhood which means it comes from the backend of the 1930’s or early 1940’s.

I was always careful to avoid him, the bogey man.  And wrapped myself up well at night leaving only a small air hole to breathe through when I retired for the night.  As a child I mean, of course, in case you thought otherwise !

However, either I have become careless or he has grown more skillful for I have been grabbed.

My medic rang me the other day and told me I have prostate cancer.

I began the PHA back in 1993 the first national prostate help group for men with prostate problems.  Prior to that date no organisation was in a position or had the knowledge to help with basic simple language advice on BPH, (benign prostate hyperplasia (growth)), prostate cancer, or very importantly prostatitis.  The latter totally ignored then and not much better now, for no medical cure, or treatment, is currently available nor, it seems,is it being investigated by the wonderful world of pharma.

A couple of help groups began a little after the PHA got underway but they persued the dream of prostate cancer cures, not one on the face of it, which seems to be any closer than back in the early 1990’s.  For the worlds surgeons were and are still are, often happy to perform radical prostatectomies, (complete prostate removals), with its attendant side effects, prior to knowing, with certainty, that the patient had an aggressive cancer. The flip side being that the patient had a pussy cat tumour and would never have died from his condition nor suffered from its effects during his lifetime.

So the PHA sent the results of my research to thousands of men in its Newsletters and I gained knowledge not only about the drugs to contain BPH but also the alternatives available such as beta sitosterol and Quercetin for prostatitis.

As my BPH grew my interest turned to surgical methods of treating it.  I found a treatment called Thermex and went to London to see if it was effective.  It heated the prostate tissue from a catheter type device.  It failed to help me.

Direx was a similar device which meant another trip to London without any success.  My last trip was for a device with two needles which deployed once the device was positioned in the prostate and ablated, (destroyed), tissue.  I had hopes that this would work on the section of the prostate which seems to push up into the bladder and which appears to be the chief cause of the urethral closure and subsequent lowered urine flow.

Regrettably this too failed.

The above treatments were all day treatments as opposed to the normal prostate bph treatment the TURP (trans urethral resection of the prostate) which means a period of several days hospitalisation.

Then the Gyrus hove into view. (sorry blame the ‘hove’ on my ten years in the R.N.).  This was an ablation technique rather than the TURP which was a cutting one (slicing pieces of tissue off with a heated wire). What was even better was that I found one sugeon who had taken it to the extreme and was doing day treatments. Eureka

Well it was eureka after I read about his first set of trials.

So my association with Alan Eaton the pioneer of Gyrus day treatment, now incidently renamed vapourisation, began in a Kings Lynn hospital.

The articles in the Newsletters evoke much interest especially after my detailed write ups following my successful treatment some ten years ago now.  But of course all good things must come to an end……. I understand !  At any rate my prostate needed a re-treatment and I found myself back in Kings Lynn for a second vapourisation.  All went well and I looked forward to a full recovery.

A week into that and Alan phoned to advise that samples taken during the treatment showed prostate cancer was present with a Gleason score of 6  3+3  not as good nor as bad as it could be !

So here we go……  What to do.  Alan Eaton went through the usual medical treatments,  radiation, removal, hormone etc……..  Must admit they don’t appeal !

So what ?  Come back for the next thrilling chapter !!

Regards  and all the best for 2011



Blind as a bat,

but without their sonar equipment, 

he groped forward

into the murky gloom……


So as I said last month.  My urologist went through the usual medical treatments,  radiation, (burn), removal, (incontinence), hormone (unknown long term consequences) etc. although come to think of it that last comment can apply to all of the above current medical treatments.

Come back for the next thrilling chapter !! I said.  Well you are going to be disappointed.  There just are no thrills !

Countless men and their wives have written over the years to say they, or their men folk, have prostate cancer.  What shall we do ? 

I could never tell them what to do.  How could I ? All I could ever do was advise what I thought I would do.  But obviously I wasn’t even sure about that.  Many diagnosed with cancer of any sort just want the thing excised, as swiftly as possible and elect for the surgeons knife. Cancer for them is the psyco killer in the bathroom about to stab them through the shower curtain. A terror to be lived through every time they go into the bathroom.

I always felt I would not feel like that and said so; and so it has proved to be.  I guess almost 20 years of reading your letters and immersing myself on prostate matters has innured me to any concerns. I know that cancer is ‘just’ a bunch of cells which are not following instructions. 

I just want to corral those cells, or is the term kettle now ?  Dealing with those cells alone and not blasting my body with treatments which destroy healthy cells and probably disrupt my immune system. 

The great thing about prostate cancer is that you have a little time. Time to think, to research, to plan, but above all time to realise there is no need to panic, and certainly no need to make hasty decisions. More importantly no need to allow anyone else, not your wife, your family, or your medics to make a decision for you.

None of them, not even your medic, I believe, has or can gain the knowledge, that the cancer patient can, to initiate a treatment of choice, a treatment that he/she knows from that background knowledge gained is the correct treatment for them.

 None of them, not even your medic, I believe, has or can gain the knowledge, that the cancer patient can, to initiate a treatment of choice, a treatment that he/she knows from that background knowledge gained is the correct treatment for them.

It is no good just reading books about chemo, or about surgery though.  Seek out books written by those who have beaten cancer.  Jane Plants book about her fight with breast cancer, and subsequent books on prostate cancer.  Check out the internet, with sites like or like

If Bobby can be cured by a fathers iron resolve, or the farmer in New Zealand a victim of swine flu only last month who was about to have his life support switched off but was saved by ascorbate IV, but only after the family insisted, then why not look elsewhere apart from conventional medicine.

If you believe that the billions spent on swine flu vaccine over a year ago was money well spent. If you believe that man is responsible for climate change. If you believe that pharmaceutical companies will one day find a cure for cancer. If you believe that all the money collected by people for cancer charities to progress research will find a cure then you need to stop reading this – NOW.

The treatments I am advocating today are not mainstream. My self treatment is an initial attempt to influence any cancer growth.  They produce no side effects and have no toxicity. There are other more potent treatments if these do not make an impression.  Although as I say, it is very early days yet and we are starting from a very low PSA reading.

I am not recommending this or any other treatments I discuss or use on myself.  We each have to assess treatments and come to a personal decision.  But you can only do that if you check out what is available.

My January PSA test turned out to be 1.9   I guessed at least it meant that my body had no cancer cells to speak of.  But I could not squeeze a comment from my medics.  It seems to me that the current worries about being sued in court have turned anyone in authority, medical or otherwise, into mutes, willing to nod their heads wisely but unable to commit to any firm outlook or decision making advice.

So I am really no further forward.  My GP did not attempt to turn me from any comments I made about alternative treatments but was happy when I said I would like monthly PSA’s.  It was the only way I could see of tracking any change on my PC. If any. Three monthly checks seemed a long time to go without being in a position to take any positive action. 

So rather than doing a lot or doing nothing I have taken a middle road and am steering a safe course, keeping to smooth seas and avoiding any rocks or shoals.  How you do the latter along the middle of the road I haven’t a clue !  

There are so many possible cancer treatments outside the orthodox medical world that it takes many hours just to get your head around one.  So I am concentrating my main cancer cell attack on Ascorbate Acid and honey and baking soda. 


At least if my Uro eliminated the cancer cells back in December then the ascorbate can sort out other aspects of my bodily ills. This will leave my immune system to concentrate on any new cancer cells which emerge.

The current intention is to carry on with the regime below until I get some movement in my PSA. 

I have spent  hours on the internet and purchased several books and some alternative products not to mention twice as much time reading and marking up passages in the books.

Eventually I drafted out an initial treatment plan.  After all without a plan one goes nowhere and at least I can draft out a second plan as ‘Plan B’.  Yes, I figure it would be comforting to have a plan B. !!

After reading all the many alternative treatments available, well several of them I set out two:-

One was Ascorbate,  (Vitamin C), I am taking approx two gram tablets four time per day that is a total of 8 grams. 

Read up on Ascorbate on the internet.  Also I suggest everyone with an interest reads - Vitamin C: The Real Story, by Steve Hickey and Andrew Saul.

In the book “you will see that megadoses of Vit C have proved to be an effective antibiotic, a nontoxic anticancer agent and also a treatment for heart disease”.

And the second is honey and baking powder. “Honey and what ???!”

Calm down dear !

You will find a great deal of information on these methods on the internet.

I enclose an extract from this site below…….I must confess to using clear very liquid honey rather than maple syrup which I found imparts a harsh taste to the mix.  I also have found that Doves organic Baking Powder appears to work a lot better, to my mind, than other cheaper products. There seems much confusion in regard to baking powder, bicarbonate powder and other similar cooking products.

"The bicarbonate/maple syrup cancer treatment focuses on delivering natural chemotherapy in a way that effectively kills cancer cells but significantly reduces the brutal side effects experienced with most standard chemotherapy treatments. In fact so great is the reduction that the dangers are brought down to zero. Costs, which are a factor for the majority of people, of this particular treatment are nil. (Well not exactly nil, but certainly not expensive. Ed.)

Though this cancer treatment is very inexpensive, do not assume it is not effective. The bicarbonate maple syrup cancer treatment is a very significant cancer treatment every cancer patient should be familiar with and it can easily be combined with other safe and effective natural treatments.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini an Italian Medic, well maybe not any more as I understand he lost his licence to practice, (a firm advocate of bircarbonate, you will find a lot about him if you google his name) acknowledges that cancer cells gobbles up sugar so when you encourage the intake of sugar it’s like sending in a Trojan horse. The sugar is not going to end up encouraging the further growth of the cancer colonies because the baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow.

This treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup and baking soda.  When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline forces a rapid shift in pH, killing the cell. The actual formula is to mix one part baking soda with three parts (pure, 100%) maple syrup in a small saucepan. Stir briskly and heat the mixture (gently Ed.) for 5 minutes. Take 1 teaspoon daily, is what is suggested by Cancer Tutor but one could probably do this several times a day.

“There is not a tumor on God’s green earth that cannot be licked with a little baking soda and maple syrup.” That is the astonishing claim of controversial folk healer Jim Kelmun who says that this simple home remedy can stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers. His loyal patients swear by the man they fondly call Dr. Jim and say he is a miracle worker.

“Dr. Jim cured me of lung cancer,” said farmer Ian Roadhouse. “Those other doctors told me that I was a goner and had less then six months to live. But the doc put me on his mixture and in a couple of months the cancer was gone. It did not even show up on the x-rays.”

 Dr. Jim discovered this treatment accidentally somewhere in the middle of the last century when he was treating a family plagued by breast cancer. There were five sisters in the family and four of them had died of breast cancer. He asked the remaining sister if there was anything different in her diet and she told him that she was partial to sipping maple syrup and baking soda.

Since then, reported by a newspaper in Ashville, North Carolina, Dr. Jim dispensed this remedy to over 200 people diagnosed with terminal cancer and amazingly he claims of that number 185 lived at least 15 more years and nearly half enjoyed a complete remission of their disease."

Is this a quack treatment ?  Am I taking in honey which is feeding the cancer cells ?  As no company could patent the treatment none will run trials, after all business is in business to make money not to find a cure which they cannot monopolise.

That means that your guess is as good as mine !!  Much like the toss of a coin really. 

I feel I can be comforted by the excellent evidence of ascobate and as the baking powder costs are minimal and no problem to take orally I will carry on for a time with two strings to my bow !  Not to forget the Quercetin capsules.

Onwards and upwards as they say……..

(Can it really be true that Vitamin C (ascorbate), honey and bicarbonite, 
will cure prostate cancer.)

APRIL   2011

Don’t Ask.

Another day, another day… they slip away so quickly. 

Denis Vaughan is a orchestral conductor and according to Wiki is around 85 years old.  Still apparently active;  In 1996 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and agreed to watchful waiting. 

His PSA reading went up and hit 18.5, from 13, it isn’t clear how often he had the tests, six months or annually, so it is difficult to get a sense of the aggressiveness of the cancer at that point.

Radiotherapy and hormone treatment was required by the specialist but Denis elected to try a treatment suggested by his London GP, Vitamin C (Ascorbate) IV (Intravenous). 

Now I have already elected (to myself) this as one of my backups if my own oral high doses of Vit C do not work. I am taking 15 grams of Vit C per day and have been doing so for almost a month. I take each three tablet dose with a 250 mg tablet of alpha lipoic acid. 

I still take my honey and Bicarb each day, plus some almond kernals when I remember !

Now onto my latest test.  It turned out to be 2.2 

I couldn’t figure how the previous test had gone down by almost 50% and I guess this latest test shows that it had not done so.

I am going to put it down either to a lab error or a incorrect written/typing error down the line.  Perhaps it should have been 2.1 rather than 1.1.

Whatever. I figure it will be too late to chase up so will lay it aside as a foul up.  And go forward on the 1.9 and 2.2

Back to Denis Vaughan.  He had weekly IV using 75 grams of Vit C which at that time cost £100 per treatment.  After seven weeks of treatment his PSA reading dropped down to 13 and he went back on watchful waiting.

I find it sad that journalists go to medics and prostate cancer spokespersons ( for Cancer Charities) to ask for quotations/advice. Seemingly not having researched Vit C themselves they accept what these ‘experts’ say when in all probability these experts have not read any research about ascorbate.  In consequence we find quotations like this:-

“there is no evidence that intravenous Vit C is effective”

“Its use could actually reduce the benefits of radiotherapy and chemotherapy”

Yet apparently hundreds of patients have been treated in the UK by this method with no apparent side effects.

Compare those statements with Dr Julian Kenyon who has treated over 100 patients over the past ten years who says:-

“U.S. studies show that when you infuse amounts as high as 4 grams per kilo of weight, around 75 grams for an average adult the Vit C causes a build up of hydrogen peroxide, which destroys the tumour.”

The good old hydrogen peroxide; again and again this seems to be the cancer killer.

MAY   2011

Some Genuine Medical Support !!

I Think.


I like the words Gleason score of 6 or less, because that’s me ! -  see below.  I must admit I am not sure about all the other criteria. I didn’t have a biopsy so there is no way of establishing that one anyway.

Regardless this article, which is soon to be published, outlines very nicely what I trust I am doing. (With no help from conventional medicine of course). I just hope the road I have chosen works out as well for me as it appears to have done for those described below.

   “Active surveillance with curative intent appears to be a safe alternative to immediate intervention with surgery or radiation for men with low-risk prostate cancer (PCa), according to researchers.

The study, published online ahead of print in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, is believed to be the largest and longest study of its kind.  A total of 769 PCa patients were followed prospectively on active surveillance. The median follow-up was 2.7 years (range 0.01 -15.0 years). To be included in the study, men had to have very low-risk cancers, defined by clinical stage (T1c), PSA density less than 0.15 ng/mL, and prostate biopsy findings (Gleason score of 6 or less, two or fewer cores with cancer, and 50% or less cancer involvement in any core).

None of the men, who were mostly aged 65 years and older, have so far died from PCa since the study began in 1995. However, 255 men (33.2%) eventually underwent treatment at a median 2.2 years after diagnosis; of these, 188 (73.7%) underwent intervention because of disease reclassification on biopsy.

“The study offers the most conclusive evidence to date that active surveillance may be the preferred option for the vast majority of older men diagnosed with a very low grade or small volume form of prostate cancer,” said senior investigator H. Ballentine Carter, MD, Professor of Urology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. 

The primary outcome was survival free of intervention; secondary outcomes were rates of disease reclassification and exit from the study. Men who strictly met all study criteria for very low-risk disease were 30% less likely to be reclassified to a high-risk category during surveillance and less likely to need subsequent surgery or radiation than men who did not meet one or more study criteria.”

 JUNE  2011

Forget about Carbon Credits and

Global Warming.

Let us concentrate on Oxygen.


The road seems to have improved.  Whilst the period from the diagnosis of PC in December through to the begining of May seemed all uphill, now I see a downward trend.  Easy walking !

The reason was that my last PSA was 2.3.  down from last months 2.9.  Unless one of the results was an error then something I have been taking has dropped the reading by around 25%.

Was it the bicarb and honey ? Or maybe the Vit C. ? Or could it be ingredient X !?

Ingredient X

I read an article somewhere that the amount of oxygen in the air has been depleating for hundreds of years.  This meant, was the conclusion, that we, human kind, do not take in as much oxygen as our body needs.

Add to that the fact that most people do not breathe correctly, live in towns with a bad atmosphere, consume foods and chemicals which the body would find hard to get rid of even at maximum oxygen availability.

This all leads to our whole system easily being poisoned as it is unable to work at optimum efficiency.

My understanding is that oxygen is great for the body but bad bad bad for anything which is detrimental to the body.  Viruses, bacteria, pathogens -in fact all diseases hate oxygen.  What is of great interest to me is that cancer hates oxygen. 

In fact cancer cells confronted by oxygen give up the ghost and depart.

All cells, it appears, use oxygen to provide energy, if oxygen is in short supply then the cell will look around for a replacment form of energy.  That replacement is sugar, followed by fermentation voila, energy. But the cell by changing its energy supply has changed and is now a cancer cell.

Is this a new theory or discovery?  After all billions of pounds are collected every year around the globe by men and women running and taking part in unlikely tasks to raise money for cancer charities, all in the name of research into find the cause of cancer.

Dr Otto Warburg must be ‘feeling’ pretty miffed as he sees all this money being thrown into the research pot of modern cancer research.  The thing is Dr Warburg twice Nobel Laureate was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer.  Yes really, he found the cause. 

He said back in 1966 that   “ ….there is only one prime cause of cancer and that is the replacement of respiration of oxygen in normal cells, by a fermentation of sugar.”

As you may know there are laws in this country, in fact many countries, which forbid anyone from claiming that treatment X will cure cancer.  So if I say- that IF you can increase the amount of oxygn getting into your body - you must understand that this is - to alleviate any discomfort you may have from a cancer and not in anyway an intimation that such an action will cure.

So what I discovered was a way to increase the supply of oxygen into my body……. Why, because I want to cur….. Ooooops sorry - of course I mean alliviate any distress my body may have due to my prostate cancer.

Obviously you can breath in oxygen from a compressed bottle of the stuff. If memory serves me right atheletes have used this method to increase oxygen in their blood stream to enable them to perform greater feats of endurance.

Much to my surprise I found that you could buy capsules to do the same thing. A maintenace dose is supposed to be three per day.  Max indicated at twelve.  I built up from three and for the last few days before my last PSA test took twelve per day.  Was that the reason for a drop in my PSA level ?

Taking any number over six certainly clears the system out and you need to be close to the bathroom, as good as a colon cleanse !  I have now dropped to five per day and it will be interesting to see what the result of the next test will be.

The capsules are called "OxCgen" and are available here in the UK.

Looking on the downside of my self medication there is always the chance that what I am taking is having the same effect on my PSA result as Avodart, ( used to reduce the size of of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).  If you are taking Avodart and you have a PSA test you need to double the result as the drug will reduce the result by 50%.  Now there is a possibility to keep me awake at nights !! 

JULY  2011

Stable P.S.A.

Is it possible to stablise a PSA test outcome to a low reading, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6 (ie. 3+3) ?

Apparently the answer to that is yes.

Well here we are over six months from diagnosis of prostate cancer and my
PSA appears to be under some sort of control.  Well it did peak at 2.9 and the last two readings have been 2.3 and this last one is 2.0.

Just a reminder of what I am taking.

OxCgen capsules. 

Although I had previously been taking up to 12 per day, in the past month it has been five.  My intention is to drop this for the next month to three per day.

Vit C.  

This has mainly consisted of two packs of Lypo-spheric Vitamin C.   One first thing and one in the evening. Google this product to save me rabbiting on, but basically it is a method of taking fourteen grams of Vit C per day without overloading your gut and maintaining a mega amount in the blood stream for an extended time period. In addition I take three grams of tablets around midday.

By the way, if you take Vit C capsules to combat your cancer you also need to take alpha lipoic acid as well. Check out the book Ascobate, I have already recommended.  If you have cancer, any kind of cancer not just p.c., you need to read this book. Please………..

A couple of teaspoons of  the Bicarb and honey mix.

A sprinkling of ground up apricot seeds on my food when I remember !

And lately a few turns around the estate (!) for about 15 to twenty minutes per day.  It is supposed to be 30 minutes per day but I guess my 76 year old body is not really up to it.  

Occasionally do the Shotley shuffle, it certainly gets the breathing rate up better than walking. (The Shotley shuffle was a very slow jog used by defaulters under punishment at H.M.S  Ganges. Especially when going up and down laundry hill.) 

AUGUST  2011

Stable ?
Well I guess the answer is Maybe.

I have had to stop the Vit C sachets for the past two weeks.  
One of the ‘side effects’ of increased Vit C is a liability to promote arthritis.  
And it appears to have done that to my fingers.

This break in what I considered my major treatment is a set back 
and will I assume mean an increase in my
PSA next time.  
The last was 2.6. 


When I receive feedback from other PC patients I wonder what my problem is and why I should be concerned at this stage.  I recall Peter and others with readings over one thousand, and then the other week I spoke to a guy with a reading around 20.

Mine is under three.

Yet I would still like to keep it down, to stablise it around some low point.  If only to prove to myself that the treatment I have elected is actually working.

Because for anyone reading this (and the number is pityfully small), I must remind you that I have not been advised or councelled to use any of the alternates which I outlined last month.  Indeed I cannot in all truth prevale upon you to do the same.  For even if they work for me I have no way of knowing if they would for you.

Depressed Medics

At one point I wondered why I would/should expect a medic to outline a treatment for my PC. Why should I, why should anyone expect any medic to prescribe drugs, hormones, or radical surgery. After all, with all due respect to the profession, I know that they do not know with total certainty, that any of these will cure or whilst they may feel it would  prolong my life the treatments may destroy some of the enjoyments of that prolonged life or add an unacceptable disablement.

If they give thought to this for any length of time many must dread the weekly appointments when they have to pronounce on a treatment for a cancer patient across the desk from them.  For they know they will see the deterioration of the patient over the months that follow.

How much better for each patient to arm themselves with knowledge so that they can determine the treatment that they feel is best for them. Choosing a medical profession should not lumber a person with compounding guilt as the years pass.  

Without that self knowledge you may visit your doctor.  He would outline several treatment options but “be forced” into recommending one because of your inability to make a choice.

Is it these type of decisions which cause twice as many doctors to kill themselves compared with people working in other professions ?  

So having the ability to make your own decision could ease your medics stress !   Philip PHA.


Examples to Follow

Or ……..??

Now and again you will see an article in the papers with mentions of Ex General Schwarzkopf  being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993 and successfully treated, Dr Stuttaford who 11 years after being originally diagnosed is still apparently ‘going strong’. Not to mention Roger Moore the actor who played James Bond.

So much, even today, is not known if an initial diagnosis is accurate, i.e. is it a tiger or pussy cat cell which has been found? So in consequence will the ensuing cancer race ahead and cause an early death, or not cause any problems at all during the course of the patients life at all ?

I find the problem with these well known names being paraded as if they are ‘cured’ (with no problems), is that we know very little if anything at all about the current life styles. Or for that matter if they are taking additional treatments options. 

First of all, did they maybe not have an aggressive cancer at all and therefore would never have need any treatment at all ?

Second, following the surgery of a radical prostatectomy, ( I am assuming this was the treatment) nothing seems to be advised in print in regard to their current health.  Are they incontinent ? or impotent ? or has the cancer metastasized which has meant further treatment with hormones for instance ?

The parade of such names without follow up means many men will take their ‘successful treatment’ as confirmation that they would also have  similar success.

I find the silence ominous, probably an over powerful word, but it will do for now.  

Current deployment of resources !

My last PSA was 2.8 -  up a little from last time.  Was this the withdrawal of the Vitamin C ?

I gave my body a long two week rest off all treatment this month and resumed with the OxCgen and bicarb/honey only a week ago.  I am curious to see what result I get next time.  I maintain the apricot kernels taking approx ten per day, usually sprinkled on my marmalade toast and/or on soup.

If you have read the Vit C Real Story you will realise that the stated treatment is Vit C IV and not an oral input.  The IV was always my long stop solution, but I hoped that the higher amounts which could be achieved with the sachets would keep the beast at bay.  We will see.

This is probably not the best explanation but you know if you saw off a branch close to the trunk of a tree, when you go back to it after six months or a year then the tree has grown a ring of bark as it attempt to cover over the cut area. 

Well something very similar intervened in my life style.   I found that my urine flow was getting poorer and quite quickly.  It transpires that it was growth from the surgery around my bladder neck in December 2010.  This was obstructing the flow from the bladder.   

I had contacted Alan Eaton and arranged a cystoscopy for the following Friday, hence the knowledge above. The same day I paid a visit to my local clinic and obtain some catheters and Flomax.  I was hoping that the latter would preclude use of the former !!

Flomax relaxes the muscles in the bladder neck and allows a better urine flow.

One plus point was that the cystoscopy revealed no growth which could be attributed to cancer, so that proved to be a pleasing side effect of the ‘looksee’. 

The recommendation was to carry on with the Flomax which thankfully was keeping the bladder neck relaxed and allowing a modicum of flow.

I see that visits have gone down to 100.  I guess that visitors find the content boring or at least uninteresting.  I was wondering if it was worth the effort of putting anything up this month, hence the long delay.... I feel that my time would be better spent chaining a tree for firewood for the coming winter.



Unlikely Result.


My last test came out with an unlikely result of 2  ?!

I am seriously wondering if PSA tests are accurate at such low figures. 

Please don’t ask me how that has been achieved, because I have no idea ! I began in January with 1.9 and it reached a high of 2.8 so.  If the urologist who did the operation had not personally told me that I had prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 3+3 I would be thinking I did not have PC.

For most of the month I have been merely having three OxCgen capsules, apricot seeds and my honey and bicarb mix.

My hands are still painful with some arthritic pain so I am off Vit C and as I said will leave that, (using IV) for any high, high PSA figure which may occur in the future.

I note that the immune system can be jolted out of kilter and begin to attack the body.  So am now looking around for a method of resetting, rebooting it back to a ‘normal’ setting.

Acupuncture may work I am looking in to that.

Please note that this is a reminder that what I am doing is not a recommendation for you to do the same.  
It is just an opportunity for you to see what may happen if you opt for an alternative method of cancer treatment.


Philip Dunn




A P.S.A. test should not be done under the following circumstances.

Recent prostate manipulation, i.e. prostate massage, a DRE, (a digital rectal examination), excessive bike riding, especially on a racing type saddle, or recent sexual activity. 

In otherwords, any possible activity which may focus directly, on the prostate gland itself.  I have for almost twenty years explained this many times, yet am unable to engage my brain data base of information when it is needed.

So I go along to for another PSA ignoring the fact that I had been using a catheter on and off for a week.  In consequence my PSA result came back at 11.4.  Now this may well prove the reasons outlined above but it does not show my common sense up to any great degree !

So with that now behind me and with an adequate flow again I can now think of PSA tests and see if I still have control of the cancer.

One point was that during the resection a sample was taken and showed no sign of cancer.   I find it very difficult to discover if a year after a diagnosis of PC with a Gleason score of 3 + 3 the cancer should/would have been expected to spread and therefore the sample should/would have been positive, especially as I have had no conventional treatment.

So here is hoping for another 2 score as we had earlier last year !!

Still doing my daily walks, taking bicarb/honey. And oxygen tablets and apricot kernels, although not every day.  So it will be interesting to find out just where I stand.



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